Donors & Supporters

The Homestead wouldn’t exist without the generous support of our many individual and corporate donors. Their contributions help us to expand our services, engage in special projects and meet our mission of providing innovative solutions for people with autism.

A partial list of our donors/supporters can be found below. If you’re interested in donating to The Homestead, please visit our support page.

Aviva Charitable Foundation (formerly Amerus)

The Aviva Charitable Foundation is a long-time supporter of The Homestead’s programs and services. They have supported the Youth Home in Altoona, the Campus and Farm programs, and the Children’s Autism Project (a clinic setting for intensive Applied Behavior Analysis treatment). In 2012 Aviva awarded The Homestead $10,000 to help purchase and install technology to enhance services and improve efficiencies for individuals with autism served in our Campus Program.

Better Homes and Gardens

A corporate sponsor of our 5,000-square-foot greenhouse, providing initial support to construct this facility.

Black Hawk County Gaming Association

Black Hawk County Gaming Association stepped forward with a generous grant of $25,000 to help make possible the opening of The Children’s Autism Project/Center in Cedar Falls in 2015.  The center, opened in response to a community need, provides specialized Applied Behavior Analysis (or ABA) services for children with autism in the Cedar Falls area.

Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines

The Community Foundation is a donor-driven public foundation whose purpose is to improve the quality of life in Greater Des Moines through philanthropy.  The Community Foundation works to improve quality of life for all by connecting donors with their passions, fostering links between community organizations and convening local leaders to promote the common good.

The Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines is a lead supporter of the Children’s Autism Project in Altoona, providing a grant in 2011 of $25,000 to support services for children, families and other professionals in our clinic setting for intensive Applied Behavior Analysis treatment.

Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa

Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa stepped forward with a generous grant of $5,000 to support the Children’s Autism Project/Center in Cedar Falls.  The center provides specialized Applied Behavior Analysis (or ABA) services to children with autism in Black Hawk County.

Leopold Center

Provided financial support to help The Homestead develop an innovative apple orchard which explores the organic orchard management and serves as a model learning program for commercial and hobby growers.

Mid-Iowa Health Foundation

Since 1894, Mid-Iowa Health Foundation has pursued its mission to serve as a catalyst and partner for improving the health of vulnerable people in greater Des Moines.  In 2010 the Foundation partnered with The Homestead by providing important seed money of $30,000 to cover start-up expenses for our Altoona Children’s Autism Project (autism clinic), including remodel of the space for specific use with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services. In 2013 Mid-Iowa Health Foundation awarded $30,000 to help fund start-up costs for The Homestead’s second Children’s Autism Project in Clive.  This important funding helped enable expansion of ABA services to support more children and families with autism in the Des Moines area.

Polk County

Through its Community Betterment and Community Development Grants, the Polk County Board of Supervisors has been supportive of The Homestead over the years.  In 2014 Polk County provided a generous Community Development Grant of $32,500 to assist with our much needed Campus road improvement project, and in 2013 a generous grant of $30,000 supported The Homestead’s expansion efforts of opening a new Children’s Autism Project/Center in Clive. The center enables more families of children with autism in the Des Moines metro area to receive vital Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services. Examples of some of the funding needs supported through the Polk County Community Betterment Grants include: equipment and supplies needed for the expansion of the Altoona Children’s Autism Project/Center in 2015, teaching and therapy room supplies and equipment to work with children in our Altoona center, expenses related to our application for accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), and additional iPads and software to aid in communication and social skills development for children with special needs served in the Altoona Children’s Autism Project.

Prairie Meadows

Prairie Meadows has provided financial support to help The Homestead for many years. Most recently, a grant of $10,000 was awarded to aid in the purchase of 2 vans for our campus residential program.  The vans will provide safe and reliable transportation for campus residents to participate in work and recreational activities, while becoming integrated into their community.

In 2015, The Homestead was awarded a generous Legacy Grant of $100,000 to help fund the expansion of our Altoona Children’s Autism Project/Center which had outgrown its original space. The expansion tripled the number of children who could receive vital, life-changing services known as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at this center.

Past support from Prairie Meadows through their Community Betterment grants include $27,500 for much needed improvements to our Campus road in 2014 and $15,000 in 2013 towards the opening of a Children’s Autism Project/Center in Clive to serve more families of children with autism in the Des Moines area. Previous grants have enabled The Homestead to develop an apple orchard, purchase vehicles, fund our Youth Home, fund research for children, fund our original Children’s Autism Project in Altoona and provide an Autism Video Services Enhancement Project for our campus residential program.

Prairie Meadows, a not-for-profit organization managed by the Racing Association of Central Iowa, has given more than $1.4 billion through taxes, grants and charitable donations to the state of Iowa. More than $600 million of that figure has remained right here in our community to promote economic development, agriculture, jobs and tourism.

The Principal Financial Group Foundation

Giving back to the community is a part of The Principal® and the Principal Financial Group Foundation’s corporate culture and a direct extension of their core value of integrity. The Principal® and the Principal Financial Group Foundation, Inc., have embraced corporate responsibility by awarding more than $100 million to nonprofit organizations that are making a difference in the communities where their employees work and live.

The Homestead appreciates the financial support received through the Principal Financial Group Foundation, which most recently includes a grant of $10,000 to help fund our campus remodel project. Past grants have supported our first Children’s Autism Project (CAP Center) in Altoona, our Children’s Autism Project (CAP Center) in Clive and assistance with expenses related to the accreditation process through CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities).

Scott County Regional Authority

Scott County Regional Authority, or SCRA, has been a generous supporter of the Children’s Autism Project/Center in the Quad Cities.  In 2014 SCRA stepped forward with a grant of $50,000 to help make possible the opening of The Children’s Autism Project/Center in the Quad Cities.  In 2015 SCRA awarded a $10,000 grant to help purchase additional supplies and equipment for the Quad Cities location.  The center, opened in response to a community need, provides specialized Applied Behavior Analysis (or ABA) services for children with autism in the Quad Cities area.

With a mission to serve the needs of the residents of Scott County, Iowa, the SCRA has granted more than $73.5 million to various projects since 1991.

Telligen Community Initiative

Telligen Community Initiative (TCI) awarded The Homestead a generous grant of $50,000 to build capacity for providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children with autism by increasing the number of fully credentialed Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) in The Homestead’s Children’s Autism Project (CAP Centers).

TCI’s mission is to initiate and support innovative and forward-looking health-related projects aimed at improving health, social well-being and educational attainment.  They have funded over $2.5 million in community-based projects in the last 2 years alone.

Variety – the Children’s Charity

Variety – the Children’s Charity is a nonprofit organization committed to serving special needs children. In 2016 Variety – the Children’s Charity awarded The Homestead a grant of $3,000 to purchase indoor play equipment for our Youth Home. In 2013 Variety was instrumental in providing support for The Homestead’s two new Children’s Autism Centers, one in Clive and one in Hiawatha. In 2011 Variety awarded a grant to purchase a new minivan to help transport children with autism who reside at The Homestead’s Youth Home. Additional past support included helping fund the opening of our first Children’s Autism Center in Altoona in 2010.

Variety – the Children’s Charity supports agencies that provide care, treatment, activities and shelter to critically ill, underprivileged, handicapped, abused, at-risk, and other deserving children.

15th Anniversary Event Sponsors

Thank you to our generous supporters who sponsored our 15th Anniversary Celebration.  The event was a success because of their support and commitment.

  • Color FX
  • Casey’s General Store
  • Brooks Lodden, P.C.
  • LaMair-Mulock-Condon Co.

O’Donnell Family

The O’Donnell and Friends Golf Outing is held each summer. This group consists mostly of the O’Donnell family and their close friends.  More than 100 individuals golf and volunteer to make a special summer event.  Each year they select a local non-profit organization to support with the proceeds of their annual golf event. In the summer of 2008 they chose The Homestead as one of the recipients.  This is not your typical family golf outing. These great friends raised $32,832 that The Homestead used to purchase a new tractor and other farming equipment.