Children’s Autism Project

Research demonstrates that early intervention can provide children with autism a significant opportunity to increase their communication and social skills which in turn decreases the need for expensive and life-long supports. Specifically, the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has been shown to help these children.

The Homestead Children’s Autism Project provides one-on-one, direct Applied Behavior Analysis services for children with autism. The intensive intervention is a comprehensive learning system for each child that surrounds them with a collaborative team. The program includes training for the family, allied professionals and peers that is closely supervised by highly trained specialists.

The Children’s Autism Project is a skill-building service that focuses on skills to help each child be successful at home, at school, and in the community. Staff focus on communication and interaction skills and behavioral interventions as well as many of the skills other children just seem to pick up. These include negotiating for shared materials, asking for a turn, responding to group instruction, and imitating others. The Children’s Autism Project is an environment where the child can successfully practice other social skills such as learning to wait and accepting no.

Each child is enrolled for intensive services for up to five days a week. Each session is individualized to the needs and readiness of the child. Treatment sessions are designed to provide a positive learning experience for the child. The ultimate result is to lead the child to be reinforced by learning. Currently, services are available in morning, afternoon, and after school sessions.

Each child participating in the Children’s Autism Project is required to have at least one family member or significant other designated who must ensure the services are carried out in the home and community. The family contact will receive instruction on the core principles used in ABA and the specific application of the principles as they apply to their individual child and family. Families receive a maximum two and a half hours of training per week and instruction is provided both individually and in groups. Family training may include monitoring the implementation of strategies in the homes or community, review of video recordings, self assessments, and competency-based instruction.

In addition to the individualized services provided to each child and their family, the Children’s Autism Project trains allied professionals to serve children in other community settings. Consultation is available through the Children’s Autism Project for families and agencies unable to access direct services due to location or funding.

For more information about The Homestead’s Children’s Autism Project, contact The Homestead at 515-967-4369 or or apply for admission online